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(no subject)

Feb. 15th, 2010 | 01:04 pm
music: 3rd planet - modest mouse

 Today is our 7th snow day of the year.  It's weird because snow days in Avon only really happened around 30% of the time you thought they might.  I think it is close to any time we get snow = snow day here.  It is fun, but I think we are currently going to be going to school through June 2nd :(  

I watched "The Count of Monte Cristo" the other day.  It is a pretty good movie, but really similar to "Les Miserables".  I know they are both books and are probably different in their original form, but it was almost like watching the same movie.

It is weird having a ton of snow days in a row, because it is almost like Spring Break, except it's really cold and you don't know if you are going to actually work the next day.  I think we got like 8 inches of snow, so we're probably off tomorrow too.  I'm totally ready to go back and just get things going again.  

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School Days

Mar. 26th, 2008 | 07:47 pm
location: 4240
mood: busy

After Spring Break, I will only have 5 weeks left until college graduation.  All in all, student teaching hasn't been NEARLY as bad as I had prepared for.  My middle school placement was awesome.  I'm at Warren Central right now and it's going pretty well.  The only downside there is that there is not a lot of stuff for me to actually do, so I am observing a lot of things.  I am already really stressing about getting a job.  So far I have applied for 2 high schools and 1 middle school.  Spring break is next week and I am really looking forward to just hanging out around here and doing applications/ not having to go to school all week.

Drum corps this weekend.  Being on staff is WAY cooler than marching.  I never really looked forward to camps as a member, but more anticipated them.  I have been counting the days until Friday.  It is so great to just get out and see friends I really miss and get to do something that is so much fun. 

Right now I am dong like 4 loads of laundry and trying to complete all the things I never have time to do any other week night.  Wednesdays are a blast. 

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The death of the Bonnie

Nov. 24th, 2007 | 01:02 pm
location: avon
mood: hopefulhopeful

 So, most of you guys already know, but my car is more than likely totaled.  The funny thing is that I wasn't even in it and it didn't get hit by a car.  Here's what happened: I took it in to get the coolant system flushed and to check out my struts and when they put it on the lift, they dropped it.  So yeah, my car fell off the lift at the shop.  Luckily, this was a car dealership, not a crappy auto shop.  Their insurance takes care of everything and it won't effect mine.  Right now I'm driving a 99 Oldsmobile Intrigue, which is much nicer than a 93 Bonneville.  They said I might end up with the car that they are loaning me, but they have no clue and have to go through the insurance companies.  I guess if I get a sweet car out this, it might be a really good thing.  There is still something not right about the loaner car I am driving right now either, so I am kind of weirded out.  Anyway, I just thought it was crazy that they said they had only dropped a car one other time in 27 years.  Awesome. 

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Being a Teacher

May. 2nd, 2007 | 04:24 pm
location: 4240
mood: excitedexcited
music: So What? - Miles Davis

Junior year was weird as far as being a teacher goes.  It was kind of a transitional year where you are no longer focusing so much on what you need to do to be a good student and more on what it takes to be a great teacher.  It all kind of caught be off guard at first.  I remember my first lesson I taught in Cheryl West's General Music class, about how to paint a football field.  Totally bombed it.  Probably the #1 thing I learned this year is that leading and teaching are completely different things.  I think I have a grasp on how to lead people, but to really teach them is something totally different.  Anyway, I realized that I really can teach when Dr. Bolin threw the whole jazz band thing at me.  I couldn't believe when he walked into Cheryl West's 10 AM class with 3 jazz band scores and was like "Who wants to rehearse Fall Creek Valley Middle School at 11 AM?"  I was totally freaking out, but I took it.  Anyway, I had never heard of this chart I got.  I spent most of that class completely ignoring the general music presentations.  Then they made me go first in teaching the middle school jazz band.  I realized that what had happened is a total reality.  There are probably going to be a lot of times that I will get something like that tossed my way as a teacher and I need to be able to roll with it.  I felt so comfortable teaching that band.  I felt like I knew exactly what to work on.  I could hear all the good/bad things that they did.  It was pretty much amazing.  

For that, I really thank Mark Buselli for being an amazing teacher.  Taking Jazz Pedagogy and Jazz Ensemble this year with him was great.  It was a really good experience because he taught us how to teach the whole time.  I definitely pictured him in front of the group the whole time I was working with Fall Creek Valley.  It's really too bad that he's going to Ball State.  I am really going to miss him.  It's too bad that Butler isnt' interested in having a great jazz program.  

This year was great because I really feel like I can tell myself that I can teach and not be half-kidding myself.  I honestly believe that I can do it, and not just from something like teaching high school marching band.  Every experience I've had from New Pal Marching band, Crown, substitute teaching, Avon, and classes here at Butler have had little points of effect on me.  No one experience really has prepared me.  I'm really glad I've been able to do all the experiences I've had.  Now all I need to do is finish up one paper and I'm on my way to summer break!

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Life Update

Feb. 21st, 2007 | 11:03 pm
location: the house
mood: nostalgicnostalgic
music: Hawk Nelson - California

Things are getting interesting.  My recital is March 25 and I am getting all of that stuff ready.  Spring Break is just 2 weeks away!  I have a Crown camp on the weekend before that.  Totally not ready for that yet.  Apparently I am going camping with Becca over break.  Still gotta get that finalized.  I am the FEO for my fraternity and we are getting into the important stuff during the rush process.  It's gonna be cool.  The new guys seem to be really into it.  

I was walking around campus today and I looked out on the mall between Atherton and Irwin Library.  It made me think back to 2nd semester of my freshman year.  I remember how Flodder, Billy, Claire, Daisy, and I would all hang out all the time.  I remember when Michelle, Emily, Amanda, and Betsy would be in me and Billy's room and everyone would be drinking and it kind of weirded me out at first because I thought we would get caught.  We used to play frisbee at like 1 AM with the glow-in-the-dark frisbee.  Flodder was the coolest R.A. because I learned what to do and what not to do in order to make it at Butler.  We had a freaking charcoal grill in our room that was there all year.  We used to play Halo all the time and I always got dominated.  It was a great experience.  The best thing about that semester is I really learned a ton about myself and made some awesome friends.  That was an awesome time and today I kind of missed it.  

p.s. i still need a 4th room mate here at the 4240.... So far it's me, Megan Pokorney, and Trent Taylor.  If you are interested, talk to me.

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Final Countdown

Dec. 7th, 2006 | 09:46 pm
mood: anxiousanxious
music: Pat Metheny

I have had finals this week, continuing into next week.  How, you ask?  Because I am in the Jordan College of Fine Arts and they are kick ass like that.  It's cool though.  I have dominated thus far.  Today I chilled for a couple hours, after I took my Strings Methods final, turned in my Concepts of Education 7 page paper, and then turned in my Elementary Internship portfolio.  Becca is coming down tomorow :)  Totally excited about that.  I am done on Wednesday of next week.  We are capping off the semester with a party sometime next week.  It has been fun.  

Totally a lot less stress this year than the past.  Me, Evan, and Zeb went to Shapiro's downtown for lunch.  It was amazing.  I was looking forward to it all week.  Corned beef sandwich and German potato salad.  I can still taste it's goodness.  Just like a New York deli.  

Big week coming up.  Hype!

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(no subject)

Sep. 22nd, 2006 | 01:09 pm
location: my house
mood: relaxedrelaxed
music: something corporate - cavanaugh park

Life here in the 4240 Sunset is pretty sweet.  We are once again going to battle against SAI in capture the flag next friday.  We wrote out this big ridiculous declaration of war against them.  Yesterday we were playing "Artificial Bebop" in Jazz Ensemble and I got moved up to lead trumpet for that, which was kind of weird.  Just out of the blue Mark moves me over and is like "Man, that's a pretty meaty lead trumpet part... You think you can handle it?"...  I played really well and he was happy with how I did.  It was cool to have a time where you are thrown into a situation and you just step up and throw it down.  

I still haven't showered today.  I probably will after classes today.  FeBreeze is awesome.  Avon is doing pretty well this fall.  It's fun, but this is definitely my last fall working there.  As supposed to when I helped a little the year after I graduated, I don't feel the same age as the kids but I feel like I really can't grow much more there as a teacher.  I think I am ready to take over much more control.  Plus, there's like a bazillion staff people at Avon anyway.  It's unbelievable.  

Our house is kind of falling apart, by the way.  Washer/Dryer messes up, dish washer is broken, exterior vanities are unfinished, central air doesn't work... Still, pretty cool house.  I don't think we've paid utitilies at all either.  Uh oh.  The kitchen is awesome though.  So is my schweet futon.  I still trip on the stairs sometimes.  I've never lived in a house with stairs before so it's kind of wild.  Well, time to go!

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one kickin week

Aug. 17th, 2006 | 10:31 pm
location: my room (avon)
music: scotty doesn't know - lustra

This summer went pretty well.  I learned a lot about myself, music, relationships, leadership, and frustration.  We ended in 8th place, but the crowd response we got at awards was probably the coolest thing of my life.  I am really happy I have one more year left as horn segeant.  I think I know what kind of leader I want to be next year.  Definitely excited about it being my last year, but I am probably anticipating this summer more than any past summer already.  

The past week with Becca was a-freaking-mazing.  I swear I have the most incredible girlfriend in the world.  Her parents and I took her to Ball St. today.  I am excited about her coming to see me at my house.  It's really cool that we're both in college now instead of the semi-awkward high school college thing.  A 4th prom was sweet and all, but I am definitely really looking forward to visiting her and her coming down for parties and stuff.  But yea, she was amazing this summer.  I saw her a ton, but it never really seemed like enough time.  I have pretty much spent every waking hour with her since Sunday night and I already miss her.   :(

I think I am going to start moving in tomorrow.  Saturday I am going to Avon for practice from 9-12, then I'm packing a bit and going to a wedding/reception and hanging out with Mr. Matthew Cummins because I haven't seen him at all since May.  It's gonna be kicking living 5 minutes down the road from him again (like we did our whole lives).  It's weird too.  I want to be completely moved in on Sunday so I can get all my school stuff situated. 

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on the road again

May. 22nd, 2006 | 11:51 pm
location: my room
mood: melancholymelancholy
music: The Adventure - Angels & Airwaves

Well, I am heading on out Thursday morning.  I'll be back August 13.  These summers seem like they get longer and longer every year.  This is my 3rd of 4 years doing the drum corps thing.  Hard to believe.  It feels like I'm getting there so much earlier than Evan, Dan and the rest of the Avon crew.  Sorry again to all the seniors parties I can't go to.  Man, I really have no idea what to expect this summer.  I came in last year with so many high expectations and the year ended up kind of blah.  I don't want to overestimate how well we will do, but I don't want to be pissed all summer.  I better see some of you all in the stands.  I am going to miss Becca a ton.  It's weird because first summer I had no idea what to expect and it was real weird whenever I saw her and stuff.  Last summer we weren't really together and we only occassionally talked until around the Indy show.  Now here we are.  

I really want the hard work to pay off this summer.  I want to be the best.  I hate feeling like I'm busting my ass and we're just chillin down in 7th place.  Not that 7th place is bad.  It just sucked feeling that we didn't go anywhere last season.  

Like I said, everyone have a good summer.  I'll see you all in August.

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Prom: Episode 4

May. 14th, 2006 | 11:35 pm
location: home
mood: exhaustedexhausted
music: Livin on a Prayer - Bon Jovi

This weekend ruled. I went to my 4th and final prom. It was awesome to just go nuts and be ridiculous, not caring because I don't go to Avon anymore. The Murat was kind of weird, but still cool in its own self. Becca looked absolutely gorgeous. I really can't think of anything that didn't go extremely well and wasn't freaking awesome except when we lost our Post Prom tickets, but the parents didn't care at all. Seriously though, this was definitely one of best weekends I've had in a long time.

We went rock climbing today, which was fun but really tiring. My arms still feel like Jello and hands are really sore. Not bad for $12. Hey, I turn 20 in 5 days. That's kind of weird. I think I am ready for it.

Till's mom definitely came up huge with the dinner thing. That was really freaking money. That whole thing pre-prom was really better than the old thang at the Roof. Overall my prom experiences have gotten better every time. No offense to Lyndsay Mayo, but I think she would understand. I have decided that for a really good time at prom you must: Drive (no limo), wear a mostly plain tux and a long tie, be in a relationship with your date, eat a cheap dinner with a group of friends, take pictures in groups, go to post prom, do something instead of Kings' Island, not care about dancing and just have fun with it, have an energy drink before post prom, drink water at prom, dance on the inside of the mob, dance around friends, not take stuff too seriously, not worry too much about what has to be done, dance with your date, don't spend too much money, spend the night at someone's house, see the hypnotist at post prom, don't feel bad about stealing pictures from people off Facebook/ Photobucket.

Tomorrow I am sleeping in very late. I need to do some stuff around the house, run and lift weights, and make sure to play a ton of trumpet. I have all this rap music from prom stuck in my head. Ahhh... Good stuff. Definitely a fantastic way to cap off this school year. Alright, time ito hit the hay.

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