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Feb. 15th, 2010 | 01:04 pm
music: 3rd planet - modest mouse

 Today is our 7th snow day of the year.  It's weird because snow days in Avon only really happened around 30% of the time you thought they might.  I think it is close to any time we get snow = snow day here.  It is fun, but I think we are currently going to be going to school through June 2nd :(  

I watched "The Count of Monte Cristo" the other day.  It is a pretty good movie, but really similar to "Les Miserables".  I know they are both books and are probably different in their original form, but it was almost like watching the same movie.

It is weird having a ton of snow days in a row, because it is almost like Spring Break, except it's really cold and you don't know if you are going to actually work the next day.  I think we got like 8 inches of snow, so we're probably off tomorrow too.  I'm totally ready to go back and just get things going again.  

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