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Sep. 22nd, 2006 | 01:09 pm
location: my house
mood: relaxedrelaxed
music: something corporate - cavanaugh park

Life here in the 4240 Sunset is pretty sweet.  We are once again going to battle against SAI in capture the flag next friday.  We wrote out this big ridiculous declaration of war against them.  Yesterday we were playing "Artificial Bebop" in Jazz Ensemble and I got moved up to lead trumpet for that, which was kind of weird.  Just out of the blue Mark moves me over and is like "Man, that's a pretty meaty lead trumpet part... You think you can handle it?"...  I played really well and he was happy with how I did.  It was cool to have a time where you are thrown into a situation and you just step up and throw it down.  

I still haven't showered today.  I probably will after classes today.  FeBreeze is awesome.  Avon is doing pretty well this fall.  It's fun, but this is definitely my last fall working there.  As supposed to when I helped a little the year after I graduated, I don't feel the same age as the kids but I feel like I really can't grow much more there as a teacher.  I think I am ready to take over much more control.  Plus, there's like a bazillion staff people at Avon anyway.  It's unbelievable.  

Our house is kind of falling apart, by the way.  Washer/Dryer messes up, dish washer is broken, exterior vanities are unfinished, central air doesn't work... Still, pretty cool house.  I don't think we've paid utitilies at all either.  Uh oh.  The kitchen is awesome though.  So is my schweet futon.  I still trip on the stairs sometimes.  I've never lived in a house with stairs before so it's kind of wild.  Well, time to go!

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